About Hurst Hypnotherapy

Where do I practice?
I practice from the beautiful village of Hurstpierpoint in Mid Sussex, England. I offer face to face therapy sessions in a peaceful, relaxing location that has plentiful unrestricted parking. Alternatively, you may wish to take part in our sessions via Zoom. Hypnotherapy is equally effective via Zoom and it may suit some to have their therapy sessions from the comfort of their own home. You’ll need a quiet, private space where you can feel relaxed and of course will need a stable internet connection. Virtual sessions mean that I can work with anybody regardless of their location. When working online I operate under UK jurisdiction. I adhere to the AfSFH Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics.

What do I practice?
I am trained in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. This is key – I purposefully chose this type of Hypnotherapy because with this way of working my clients do not have to revisit past trauma. Our process starts from where you are when we first meet. You can tell me about your preferred future and we can work together to get you there. How fantastic not to have to go over past situations or experiences before being able to move forward? You have coped with and survived everything from your past. I can help you to access your inner resources to achieve realistic goals moving forward. Under hypnosis, your imagination can be guided to enable you to achieve the outcome you want. I have witnessed transformations in clients which had I not seen with my own eyes, I might not have believed. The results really do speak for themselves.

I would recommend weekly sessions after the initial consultation. The duration of our sessions will be 50-60 minutes. The number of sessions can vary depending on what you would like help with and the fact that we are all individuals and change does not happen at the same speed for everyone. I would anticipate seeing most clients for between 6-12 sessions, though I have seen some clients for many more as they make great progress and choose to review and change their goals. Clients addressing certain phobias will have the Initial Consultation plus 3 sessions. Smoking cessation clients can have one session (Tailored specifically to giving up smoking; longer than usual session for a set price, please see fees)

So what can you help me with?
Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is supported by neuroscience. The sessions are tailored to the individual and as such, can help with a huge range of difficulties. This could be related to a person’s thoughts, emotions, fears and behaviours.

Common issues that hypnotherapy can help with are:
Anxiety, Stress, Depression and Low mood, Addictions, Weight Management, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Performance Management, Phobias, Chronic Pain Management. Many conditions are exacerbated by stress and hence a reduction in stress could lead to an overall improvement in a person’s wellbeing.

Many people are so caught up in their day to day lives – whether that involves work, home life, family life – that they do not have time to prioritise their own wellbeing. What if you chose to take an hour out of your busy week for you? Time to talk and time to experience a pleasant deep relaxation. What could you achieve with someone like me in your corner, helping you to become the best version of you?