Success stories

Feedback for Hurst Hypnotherapy:

“Katie has assisted me on an amazing journey using what can only be described as her incredible gift and talent…..I can now say I am no longer an anxiety sufferer….. I owe Katie a lot and will be forever thankful our paths crossed.”

Leanne, 37, Hampshire

“I can’t recommend Katie highly enough. She has sensitively helped me deal with my worry overload by reducing my stress bucket and having a more positive attitude. I now feel like I can deal with what is thrown at me in a day, instead of feeling overwhelmed. I can actually hear myself having a chat with myself about how I’m going to do something….Thank you Katie for believing we could do it!”

Carron, 50, Hampshire

“Thank you Katie for your brilliant hypnotherapy sessions. They were effective, relaxing and productive. It is like the volume has been turned down on my phobia, changing it from a big problem into a minor irritation. This is a fabulous result, especially since I have had my phobia since childhood. I came to you for help with a phobia, but left with so much more. I feel positive and confident as a result of your professional sessions.”

Julia, Bedfordshire

Julia, 53, Beds